1. First of all choose a payment processor.

This will be used to send money to your linked cards and bank acounts.

You can use it to buy your adpacks as an example.

After that you will use it to receive your money made with our partners and you will be able to make money as well too with the referral program if they even have any.

We recommend here Payza or Skrill for your to manage this part of the business because they offer great solutions and the best advantage here is the fact they pay very fast.


Payza.com is an online payment processor. Make sure to sign up there before to start anything else and verify your account to access to the great referral program they are offering to you. We use this processor to pay our deejays and to generate an additional revenue for maintaining a small cash flow for our artists.


Skrill is an online service that allows you to send and receive money instantly. This service would have about 30.5 million registered users by 12 October 2012 according to their homepage. You can use it to receive or transfer your funds from an account to another one. The big plus is they have their own prepaid MasterCard.

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