What's affiliate marketing ?

Marketing affiliate on the Internet is a marketing technique that allows an advertiser (affiliator) or a website to promote its products or services by offering remuneration to other publisher websites (affiliates) in exchange for a contribution of sales, registrations or traffic.

Affiliation is a partnership between a site publisher and a commercial site seeking to develop online sales or capture a larger number of requests for quotes. The commercial site, then named "advertiser" proposes a program of affiliation with the site wishing to make profitable its traffic, then named "affiliated". This affiliate program describes how the affiliate will be compensated by promoting the affiliator's products or services. The modes of remuneration of an affiliation program can be varied, they can be in particular all or part of the following modes:

CPA (Cost Per Action or compensation per share): example, a commission on a purchase
CPL (Cost Per Lead or pay per form): example, a credit request, a subscription to a newsletter ...
CPC (Cost per click or pay per click): example, a click on a banner or a text link

Today, most of E-commerce sites use affiliate platforms to provide affiliates with text links, banners, and product catalogs in a matter to boost their sales scores. These product catalogs are then used by online price comparators and retargeting actors like Google AdSense or Facebook advertising as an example.

When several affiliates have been involved in a sale, the affiliate company assigns the sale to one of the affiliates based on the rules set by the advertiser (usually last click attribution).

Using our tips being smart will make you very successful to take the best advantage of affiliate marketing online and to help you create your own economy with your network of friends.


There are many ways to make money today on the web, filling forms and reports, sending or reading mails, pay per click, pay per sale, blue print systems, traffic exchange, white label  stores, online affiliation, bitcoins generating and much more.

Choose something you think you'll be loyal to and you will do on a daily basis or weekly basis at least. We give you just some ways to explore and we can in no way guaranteed you any sort of income. We put at your remember that we are in no way responsible for your refund if a company working correctly is suddently no more paying for any reason. Please refer to the terms and conditions of each website before to sign up and send your money somewhere.

We have partnership that really brings the cash back if you are ready to invest your time and energy into it.

You need to stop believing that you will become a millionaire only by staying on your couch. Real millionaires are people with success because they are ready to wake up and work for their business. Real millionaires invest time and energy and their best friend is their sociability. Talk to your friends about your new business, challenge them with you and you will have great results just like I do have them here. 

There is absolutely no guarantee of income, never, ever, but here you will find a few example of what you can do to earn by referring new members to the ad partners we are featuring on this website.

I’m not the owner of any of these websites, I am only an affiliate like you and I can not give you any kind of income guarantees. You will always spend your money at your own risk, but hey, who is not ready to take a little risk would never look to have fun building a new working team.



1. First of all choose a payment processor. This will be used to send money to your linked cards and bank acounts. You can use it to buy your adpacks as an example. After that you will use it to receive your money made with our partners and you will be able to make money as well too with the referral program if they even have any. We recommend here Payza for your to manage this part of the business because they offer great solutions and the best advantage here is the fact they pay very fast.

2, Select one of our ads partner program or products affiliate program or reseller program and sign up to their website  to create your affiliate account. Be sure you requested to verify your account in a matter to be allowed to access to all functions of the partner program .

3. Start working to get paid following the instructions of all our partners. Visit the website as often as you can and show it to your friends and family.

4. Get paid by our partners and repeat these steps as often as you can do.

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